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European style air dam WTB

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    I recently saw a Z with what I think was a “European Air Dam”. I am curious if anyone has experience running one?

    Does anyone other than whitehead offer a similar style.

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    I am afraid its getting hard to find these, good secondhand let alone NOS. They sometimes come up on Ebay uk in a "needs work".

    Being on the front of the car, it got the full brunt of weather and road grit when the European S30 was intoduced and driven in the years after (e.g. nose of car hitting  a parking curb). The Euro spoiler, front (98300-E8100 -E8125) has 7 tabs set into the urethane front spoiler, these break off or detach from the urethane. Also, on the European cars there is a corresponding front apron panel, which has captive nuts built in so the tabs on the spoiler can bolt onto. This is 62600-E7201 with four superseeded part numbers after through the years. The panels under the headlamp pods (for European models) may have nuts for the spoiler too, but its been a while since I have seen one to jog the little grey cells...

    One of our parts suppliers here in the UK who recently died, did a fibreglass front apron, one piece (panels under the headlamps, front centre apron and spoiler), I am un-sure if these are around or who now has the moulds. The spoiler part of the whole fibreglass apron is painted black like the original part (against the car body colour), looks like the OEM set-up.

    The front spoiler was part of a "stock" "aero package" (for Europe), combined with the rear boot (deck lid) spoiler which was an option part (98100-E4600) with 7 superseeded part numbers depending on year/model.

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