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Places to Drive in Central Florida

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Its SOO BORING driving around here, but I saw a youtube video that inspired me to use a new route when I take Dat Boi out to visit the gators in Mount Dora.

Green Mountain scenic hiway, from winter garden to mount dora. I took the suburban so my gal could go (she doesn't care too much for Dat boi, prefer the rolling living room).

Anyway it was a pleasant ride and has some actual hills to go up down and around (prob the hilliest spot in all of florida).  So sometime next week I think I will take a long lunch and take the Z along that route. Its pretty slow (max was 55, some speed traps were seen) but that's fine, In fact I would like to make the next cross country trip on about 75% roads like this. I cam back the normal way, just have to watch my speed, Its easy to get carried away, I found myself going 85+ with the OD 5th, and while I really was not going much faster than traffic, I doubt that would be a legit excuse. With the new tires and new weather striping it creeps up on you with the low noise.

My goal is to try and find more roads like this in my own backyard until the next big trip is planned. I may shoot down 27, its been a long time since I took that route south (used to take it to save a few bucks not taking the turnpike)., Use to have a bunch of little towns (Sebring being the only one notable due to the racing), but that was 40 yrs ago, so I presume its all developed now.

I should prob only look north to avoid the overdevelopment that is such a problem in the southern half of the state.


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North of Mount Dora up to Ocala can be pretty decent. There are so many little lakes that the roads have to do a lot of meandering and that can be nice.  Between Ocala and Gainesville west of 75 has some decent runs.  Since we have no mountains, lakes and swampland dictate the path the roads take.

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