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Heavy Exhaust Odor


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I am experiencing a heavy exhaust odor from my 280. I think it might be a crack near the manifold. Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions on how to tackle the problem. I am hoping I can fix it myself.

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is this new or has it been there all along ? Have you recently changed any of the emissions hoses or altered the pcv systime? Can you hear more exhaust sound than before. Have you changed or removed any of the hatch seal or tail light seals. what about the vent line from the valve cover? Any of these things will cause you to have fumes in the cabin.

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beandip -

thanks for the informative reply. Unfortunately I won't have the car in my possession until tomorrow :mad: The PO (my younger brother) informed me of this issue, he said that he has noticed it for awhile, just never got around to fixing it. Since this is the first project car i have ever owned, i thought i would look for some advice as to where to begin my search to fix the problem.

Now I at least have a starting place, Thanks.

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When I received my 75-280 couple of months ago, I

noticed fumes inside often.

One day while my hand was on the shifter, I felt warm air

blowing up onto it, and by opening the top of the

leather shift boot, could SEE THE GROUND below the car.

The rubber inner liner was completely rotted away.

So the first thing to do on an old Z, is replace all of the

original rubber stuff.

Including swaybar bushings, steering rack bellows,hoses

etc. Anything that is rubber from the 1970's is junk today!!

Due to age and heat deteriation.

Good luck:classic:

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