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Tie Rod Ends Changed OVer.


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Hi guys I've recently replaced the following items on my 240z.

Front Control Arm Bushes.

Front Ball Joints.

Tie Rod Ends (Track Rod Ends) depening where your from.

Now I did the others first and they were fine, but after replacing the tie rod ends the car pulls to the left really badly.

I'm pretty sure the car hasn't been in a bad enough accident to make alignment really bad and before i replaced them it used to only pull a little to the left. By that I mean if I drove straight let go of the wheel it would slowly vear to the left hand side. Passenger side for us HS30 Owners.(Right hand drive).

I'm almost 100% sure I put it all back together correct and I tried to make sure I didn't adjust anything when replacing them. Is there any wrong way to install these?

I'm pretty sure it's alignment but I would like any opinions or things I should check.

I'll be asking the guy who gave me the tie rod ends and probably getting it aligned very soon as it feels quite dangerous.

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It is normal for your car to need an alignment after replacing the tie-rod ends. Even if you were careful (in my experience) things aren't alway put back perfectly where they were, and it doesn't take much change in position of the lock nut to affect the handling. Have an alignment done, and you'll be good to go.

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Thanks dude I was fairly sure it was an alignment issue. It makes sense afterall the toe in is controlled by the tie rods and steering adjustment.

It just seemed so severe that I thought I'd done something wrong. Probably bad wording there, but what I mean is that I was not expecting it to throw things that far out of whack. I've been meaning to get the front aligned for a while but knew I was gonna have to do the tie rods anyway so left it.

I'll let you know how she is after I take it to be aligned. I think you've mentioned before it's best to get it done professionally with the computer systems they use these days as oppose to doing it the long way.

And for $50 it's not worth the time I'd take doing it anyway. :classic: .

Thanks again (Feel better now).

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