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Parts for Sale: Datsun Z 50 years key ring fob

Sean Dezart

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Datsun Z 50 years key ring fob

You don’t have a ’69 Z but it doesn’t matter as we’re all in the sam family celebrating the beginning

Share the Zs’ 50th birthday / anniversary in style with this gorgeous leather key ring fob.

Thick but flexible leather (great smell), professionally, permanantly and exquisitely printed upon with this superb, striking  Z profile design.

These are exclusive with merely 100x produced in the world so be a little different !

My grateful thanks to the very talented David of Cars Art for his wonderful, original design. Check out his website here : http://cars-art.fr/ and in particular his complete Z racing productions : http://cars-art.fr/datsun-nissan-240z-s30-fairladyz/

Here is my own website for stainless-steel performance Z headers, lines and mufflers – 10 years on the job now with hundreds of satisfied customers around the world : https://www.datsun-zstory.com/

Prices are :


Postage is :

1x = USD$4

Up to x4 = USD$5

5 and over = USD$8


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    Sean Dezart
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