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My dash is cracked


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My dash in my '72 240Z has 2 large crevasses in front of the driver and passneger. I know it is expensive to find a replacement for this and I've seen the covers that MSA sells. I don't particularly care for either of those options.

So- I have been considering trying to fabricate my own dash. What kind of difficulties would I face when attempting this? Anyone done it already? What materials are best? Aluminum? Fiberglass?

I think I would buy aftermarket gauges and stereo, making the dash around these.

Am I crazy?:stupid: Should I just leave the dash alone?


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try fiber glass.... if you have any skills...

what you can do.. is take out the dash... and cover it with duck-tape (so the fiberglass will come off easily) and basically, you know what to do from there.

Just be sure to use the right amount of layers.. and resin, and cut and trim, and do LOTS of SANDING! It should come out pretty good, but you have to drill holes, and it may not fit %100 since the mold from fiberglass is slightly larger.

Aluminum... hell no... it will get very hot, very fast and it will get your car very hot from the heat being released... also metal contracts and expands.. which many mess things up, and push and move everythign around, like the guages and radio.

Try a carpeted dash or go out and buy the dash cover, from Victoria British... it'll be worth it. :)

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Originally posted by MikeW

Wow, that seems like it's worth a try compared to the cost of a new dash. Have you tried it yourself?

Nope. I have a cover on my dash. I was searching for a company that will restore 240Z dashs and found that place instead.

I was thinking about doing the repair myself. Using something to fill the cracks, sand it to shape, and re-cover the entire dash with vinyl or possibly leather. (Just a lttle dreaming here :classic: )

I know there is a place that will completely restore (actually, it will be better than new) the dash for about $800.00. I know it's very expensive, but if I find it again, I'll post it. Somebody might be interested.

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Here's a place in Austraila. (They make it very easy to ship to and from the USA)


I have no idea what the cost would be from these guys.

Interesting Before and after picture on their front page. :)


Here's the place I was looking for.


I emailed these guys last year about doing 240Z dashs and they said they could

do it and the cost would be around $800.00 usd.

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I was just snooping around www.dashrestorations.com, and they offer VERY competitive prices.

North America - Local Agency -

In the North American market we offer an all-inclusive price that includes restoration, color of choice, international airfreight, taxes and duties. Prices range between US$400-US$500 for most makes and models.

All you need to do is forward your unit to our North American Agent, located in Vancouver WA, which will be consolidate in the regular shipment to our Australian factory - our Agent takes care of all export/import, and other requirements on your behalf. On completion your restored unit is returned to your nominated address.

Absolutely hassle-free - all you need to do is simply freight your unit to our Agent and they do the rest.

IF you can find your one, you can get a replacement dash for that price, but I doubt it will be in 100% like-new condition, and there's no telling how long it will stay in good condition. (it is 30 or so years old)

Just something that makes you go....Hmmmmmm

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Take a look at this thread (link below). We had a huge discussion about this last week and a fellow Aussie member went down and took a few pictures....

Very useful info there.



PS: You can buy new dashes from Nissan (getting to be VERY rare these days) for about $800 smackers...

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Thanks for the link to the old thread Mike. I guess it's hard not to keep re-hashing old issues. Same ole-Z's, same ole-problems. :)

Very sweet looking pics in that thread. Makes me want to do it even more.

Has anybody from the USA tried the (Aussie) service? If so, tell us about your experieince.

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I was going to get some house cauk(sp) that can be painted over, put some of it on an uncracked portion of the dash, or perhaps some latex to make a "mold" of the texture that the dash has. then squeeze the caulk into the cracks, filling them upto the top of the "ravine" then using my dried, textured, mold I would give the caulk the original texture, then becuase the color wouldn't match, I would paint the entire dash black to match it all.....

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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