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Voltage regulator: Rebuildable?

Dale B.

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My orginal voltage regulator decided it wanted to boil the battery. Doh! I have a solid state model in the car right now, but my car is original enough that I would like to have the original Voltage Reg. in the car if at all possible. Does anyone rebuild these things? IT looks like it would be a rather simple job for someone with elecrical know how, which I do not have.


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Hi Dale and John,

So glad I read this.

Dale, the exact same thing has happened to me in my 240Z. Mines the solid state regualtor too. I've done a bit of research and I have concluded that the solid state variety are not very easy to service. Its the mechanical type that you can work on a bit easier. With the mechanical type you can check and adjust the point gaps on them.

I live in England and there not cheap to buy. Who are Pep boys? Do they have a web address?


Also whilst here someone has given me a Toyota mechanical regulator, the pins are the same and so too is the voltage. Is it risky giving it a go? I'll save myself loads of $$$.

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Hi all, I had the same problem with my 73 model, I went and bought a new regulater fitted it and it was the same It eventually turned out to be corrosion right inside the multiplug which is on the main loom, Doh so I cleaned the pins and It was peachy

Hope this helps.

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