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Monterey Historics Nissan Corral


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Calling all race fans! It's time to get serious about reserving a spot on the growing list of attendees for the Nissan corral at the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca Raceway Saturday, August 16. This is an amazing event each year which is very heavily attended and parking is at a premium. Don't get stuck out in a pasture somewhere riding the shuttle bus in to the race! Reserve your spot NOW for corral parking right in the center of the action. $45 includes an all day pass including the racing, paddock and of course reserved corral parking alongside at least 30 other Z's. Z Owners of Northern California has put this together and we need to get as many as possible to be considered. If we don't get at least 30, we are out.

NOTE: There is one catch. Only Z's will be allowed to park in the corral. If you reserve a spot, you can ONLY park a Z. Laguna Seca is not allowing any exceptions.

Please view the attached flyer and send your money NOW!!!

Steve McConnell, Director

Central Coast Z Car Club

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>>>pictures eric b, PLEASE!

Slow down, Alfa...we don't have any pictures yet...but we will take plenty at the track.....

A couple of FAQ's I have been getting:

1. Your passenger does not get in for $30. Cost is $45 per person, NOT per car.

2. You can't take your Z out on the track for a few laps, silly! This is Laguna Seca! There is NO track time opportunity for attendees.

Rumor: Since the theme of the year's Historics is Ford, it is considered very likely Carroll Shelby will be there.


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