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Web Host???


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Hi guys

I need a host for a website that is just over 1 MB in size, the website is hardly ever updated but needs to exist simply so the company has a web presence.

The host can have one ad or popup (prefer not to !!) but must be free.

It must also serve PHP for me though!

Suggestions, anyone??

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netfirms.com allows a free 1MB site

No pop-ups, just a banner add across the top.

Here is an example of a free site:

260z.netfirms.com (you even get a decent domain name)

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Lachlan, try http://www.brinkster.com/

They are the best free host you will find. No pop up adds but not sure about PHP.

The best way to find one is to go through a Host Search site like






There are plenty of host search sites so I'm sure you can find waht you are looking for.

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I have signed up with Brinkster and a couple of others now, will see if any of them work.

Biggest problem is the lack of FTP with any of these places!! Frankly if it was my site I would just pay for proper hosting. No one seems to do a good job of free stuff anymore...

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