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It Hurts!!!


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Well not only am i still in pain after the accident (not as bad though)..but i have begun stripping my beloved 240z.

It hurt Taking off a working original power attenna that i never pictured taking off.

I peel off that broken paint and takeing off interior panels finding no rust underneath!!

The car was solid aside from the floor pans but every where else it is clean.

Ther were concern of rust behind the seats, but after I took out the seats Solid and painted no rust.

I had a solid car and now it is smashed

I am very sad.

Well I guess my 78 is getting the diamond hatch interior so it could at least have some 240z appeal.:(

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It's sacrifice will benefit the lives of other, living Z's, by donating various parts thus keeping part of the old car with your new ride...I'm doing the same to my 240/280zx...gotta pass on the 280zx to pay for the 240z so I'm trying to find something I need from the '81 to put in the '72 for sentimental purposes...it was my first Z...:cry: if only i could do a engine/tranny/diff swap all would be wonderous and friggin easier than adjusting points, carbs, and being stuck w/ a vintage slush box...alas...

On a brighter note I'm going older school by choice instead of having to change rides out of bad events like yourself...so I guess I have nothing to complain about...Hope the hurt heals as you resurrect whichever ride it may be (so long as it's a Z, naturally)...good luck and get better! Peace

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