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interchangeable heater knobs? control cable clamp

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Dead of winter in Michigan, an old man's fancy turns towards tinkering with old Datsuns.

I'm working on a '72 and need heater control knobs.  I'm find the early ones stupid pricey.  Will the later ones not fit or are they just wrong?  I don't care about "wrong" just that they fit.  I even went so far as to model them for 3-D printing, turned out "okay" but by the time I get them functional I could have bought them.

Before I spend hours trying to get my printed ones working, will newer style fit? Or any other style?.

Also we need a heater control cable clamp.  One of these:


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The later knobs from 260Z/280Z do fit, they are simply push on and don't have a retaining screw like the early ones.  I have a heater control panel from a 12/70 parts car and it has them on the control levers, they seem adequate. The part number is 27148-Y0100 and they were used from 08/73 forward.



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54 minutes ago, CanTechZ said:

Here are some currently on ebay:


Same seller also has a set of early ones, but they are missing the screws, like you said they are pricey.

Yes, thanks, those are the ones that prompted my asking, pulling trigger now

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