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76-78 280z engine swap


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New to the board here, and am looking forward to learning about z-cars from everyone here

I recently puchased a 78 280z with a dead engine. I have an engine out of a 76 280z. What potential problems will I run into when I swap the two?

I would imagine that for the most part things should slide over pretty easily.

My plan was to reuse the 78 intake, fuel injection system, and exhaust system. Will these systems bolt right up to the 76 280z?

Thanks for the help guys


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If the 78 still has an N-47 head and the 76 has the N-42 the exhaust ports are different which means that the exhaust manifolds aren't interchangeable. Every thing else should bolt on with no troubles though....

N-47 had a round port exhaust and the N-42 heads have square ports....

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Thanks for the reply 2manyZ's. Sounds like I'll swap exhaust manifolds along with the engines.

Is there much of a performance difference between the two heads?

While I have it out I am thinking about throwing a set of rings into it. Anyone know where I can find a good re-ring kit?


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