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Speedometer pinion gear


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I asked this on a previous thread but no response: When I remove the retainer and try to remove the speedometer pinion assembly from the tranny, it is stuck. I don't know if there is something I am not doing correctly, or could the assembly be corroded in place and I just need to apply more force. Does it pull straight out or do I twist and pull? Anyone with this experience? Thanks, Victor.

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When the retainer clip it off the part should come straight out.

I had a bugger of a time getting mine out. I soaked it with PB blaster for 3 days ( wetting it each day ). I still had to pry really hard to get it out. I grabed the body with a Channel Lock and put a screwdriver under it near the assebly to pry down on. After I got it up a little bit I wet it with WD40 and tapped it back down.... Up,down,up,down,up,down.......... More and more each time - then out.

- Jeff

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I found it hard to remove myself. Use a sufficient size pliers and rotate it up and down as JEFF mentioned as you try to pull the assembly out. For some reason i found it easier to plug in than plug out. Another thing, make sure you don't grip on the thread as you rotate the pliers or pull the cable. I pulled mine and couldn't get it back in the speedo.

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