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Igintion Timing


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Hi there, can anyone suggest an ignition timing for my car,it is a L28 f54 block with a skimmed P90a head stage 2 cam running triple Webers and a 280zx dizzy and a performance exhaust header, at present it's running at about 7 degrees which it seems to run ok, but is this right? and has anyone played around with the timing and got better results.


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I haven't a clue what a "dizzy"is but can't wait to learn.The factory settings are really a best generic guess for all the plus and minus that the factory produces.Add age/wear or different parts to that and the standard is no longer.I suggest getting your car up to normal operating temp and find what it likes.Of course the basics,carbs set,valve set,points set,spark plug set,good wires,dist cap,etc are needed for optimum performance.Then plan an outing for the day and tweek as you go.When it feel right to you ,well thats all that really matters isn't it? Merry Christmas! Daniel

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well a Dizzy is a distributor. As far as ignition timing goes, you can play around with it and see when the engines runs best or fastest. One thing to watch for is detonation. When it is audible it's easy to tell it is happening. Problem is the onset of detonation is unaudile to the human ear and damage could be occuring. When and if you here detonation, back off 2 degrees to try to make sure you have removed it. Or you could try a higher octane gasoline, as well as a richer mixture, cooler spark plugs etc.

Pete's Ponies Mustang RUSToration ( just bought a 240Z)

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