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280Z 5 speed in early 240Z


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My 11/69 240Z already doesn't have the original transmission, and the one in the car has a problem with reverse. In addition, the PO has hacked the transmission tunnel opening for the shifter already, so there is now more throw room toward the front. I have a '78 280Z with a 5-speed in my garage ready to raid for any appropriate parts, and since the tranny alreadyisn't original on the 240Z, I figure I might as well use the 5 speed out of the 280Z. My question is if there are any other mods that would be needed to put this 5 speed into the 240Z. I know it'll bolt up to the engine fine, but is there any problem with driveshaft length, etc? I though about transplanting the entire drivetrain from transmission back, but I don't think I want to go that far.


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Thanks for the link - I've read that one, as well as some info on Zhome.com. What I'm mostly worried about is what problems I might run into due to the fact that my car is about as early as you can get, and much of the information available alludes to potential problems with really early cars and the swap, but I haven't heard from anyone that has actually done it. I think I'd like to just swap the tranny and not the shaft/differential, and most of the info is for swapping the whole driveline. Anyway, I'm still reading and searching, and a long way from actually doing it. :cross-eye :classic:

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That's good to know, but the issue seems to be (given my limited knowledge so far) only with really early series I 240Z's. I gather they moved the differential back a little sometime during the beginning of the series 2 cars so anything in 1971 or 72 will be different from my 11/69 production car. However, what I don't know, is maybe the drive shaft and differential are positioned in each of them such that the 5 speeds will work in either version (i.e., I'm thinking that maybe the drive shafts are different lengths and they end up at the same position at the end of the transmission. :ermm: Don't know. ) Anyway, thanks for the input.

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Originally posted by JEFF

If your car is a manual now, Then keep the same drive shaft - The transmitions are the same length - '70 - '78.


Good. It's a manual now, although I'm not sure what it is. I know it isn't the original transmission, and the PO said it was a "truck transmission", whatever he meant by that. I'm not sure he really knew. If nothing else, I have an extra driveshaft out of a '71 240Z that would work then.

Thanks for the info.

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