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SK Sports Kit (3 x 44PHH) for sale

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Hi All,
Finally after eons of thinking I'll save these puppies for that L28 I am going to build, the reality is I never will so out this kit goes.

For sale SK SPORTS kit consisting of 3 x Mukuni 44PHH, manifold (no linkages), bakelite spacers, no ram tubes, full rebuild gasket kit including pump diaphrams, copy of the Mukuni 40 and 44 manual.

The decal that goes on the top of the manifold is missing. Manifold has been media blasted.

I have bathed this in a hot enzyme bath, scrubbed them up and they come up great but would really need a full strip, media blast the bodies and replate the brackets and springs.

These came off a L28 which I never heard running so I can assume that all the bits are there. I've had the jets out and can confirm that they are all there. No reason to think that they won't work. But as these are so old and I never saw them running, I can't be 100% sure that they are in working condition. Just wanted to be very clear on that point.

I have 2 x 40PHH which also get sold with this kit. Happy to not include them but may have parts or spares you may need.

If you are interested, PM me. You may never see another SK come up for sale and imagine the "what's that" and "where did you find that" comment at your local car show event.

Image below is from a google search I did (thanks google) and the ones I have for sale.

These will be going on ebay in a couple of weeks if no one is interested here. I'm in New Zealand and will be in the US later this year so could bring them with me if possible.

SK Sports Kit.JPG

SK Sports Kit for sale 2.JPG

SK Sports Kit for sale.JPG

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