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Originally posted by mmagnus

Car is ready for reassembly. Starting to work on installing weatherstripping. Its kind of tricky. Not as easy as you would think. Anyone got some tricks of the trades??


Back when i re-assembled the 71 240Z I rebuilt from the ground up (a long time ago) I waited until almost the end of re-assembly before installing the weatherstripping.

Trial fit as much as possible. I used cheap masking tape to hold strips in place for a minimum amount of time, then removed it quickly.

Use BLACK Permatex Weather Strip Adhesive, instead of the "yellow snot" variety. Clean up immediately & carefully.

Just a few thoughts, they worked well for me.

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Thanks for the tip Carl. I just gave it a try and taping it up on the dry run makes it a lot easier when you are cementing in sections. With an old car, the metal trim that I am trying to attach the rubber to is kind of bent and it makes it hard to cement. This should work though.



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