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Springs are different....


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I was just reading a repair guide for the 240z and learnt something i didn't know before...

I just wanted to share it and maybe start a dialogue about it..

Apparently, the Left and Right suspension coil springs on the front suspension are of different length.. I had no idea.

The left spring free length is: 373.5mm (22.72in)

The right spring free length is: 386.0mm (23.56in)

Apparently if you get the springs on the wrong way round it can have an adverse effect on your suspension geometry. I wonder how many Z's have them the wrong way round and are handling badly with their owners wondering whats causing this.. (especially after restoring their front suspension, increasing the probability of the springs getting crossed over).

Since I have coilovers I dont think it matters that the springs are the same length but would it mean that the left side should be moved up a few notches...

Does anyone know why the springs aren't the same length, what exactly are they compensating for??


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You might also like to ponder on the fact that the HLS30 and HS30 cars switched the different spring rates for the front springs, quite apart from the fact that the LHD and RHD cars had different spring rates anyway.

That means ( I think:ermm:) that it was not JUST about balancing up the weight of the engine. It must also have been about the driver too?

There was also a special spring for one side at the front of the car for when the car was fitted with Factory Air-Con. Of course, this must have been to balance up extra weight added by the Air-Con parts.

I've promised to write out a list of part numbers for all the different springs for the different markets and different models. I've come unstuck because I've noticed part numbers that are very similar and look like a misprint in the Factory parts lists. I've asked a Japanese friend to check out his data to cross-ref this but he says he's confused now too! There seem to be hundreds of the darned things!

Its a real can of worms:cross-eye

Alan T.

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