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Poll: Best Z-ZX year?


Best Total package Z?  

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  1. 1. Best Total package Z?

    • 1970 240z
    • 1971 240z
    • 1972 240z
    • 1973 240z
    • 1974 260z
    • 1975 280z
    • 1976 280z
    • 1977 280z
    • 1978 280z
    • 1979 280zx
    • 1980 280zx
    • 1981 280zx (includes turbo)
    • 1982 280zx (includes turbo)
    • 1983 280zx (includes turbo)
    • 1984 300zx & up (includes single and twin turbo)

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Let me rephrase my poll intro...I know what I want...I also know my limitations (money, I'm on the friggin' east coast, no MIG welder, unquinchable thirst for something different and fast as balls, etc) So I ask from a TECHNICAL standpoint, what is the best Z-ZX....ok ok just vote I don't give a crap why or how I was jus curious...Doesn't really matter what you all post I'll still keep my dream in my mind...('72 shell (cuz they were safer, still light, small bumpers, and the quinks of the first 2 years were somewhat hammered out) rolling with a RB26DETT ok wait I WAS DREAMING THERE...my '81 L28 rebuilt to the hilt as I call it running FI, ungodly turbo, blah blah blah here I have a pic from Turbo mag of everything...it's quite sweet rated 450-500hp (prob. flywheel but still....::salivates::

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The answer is going to depend on what YOU want in a car.

The 70-73 240Z's were the smallest, lightest, most nimble of the Z's. Also they had the least creature comforts. They were the only ones that I'd classify as a "Sports Car". Of these years the 72 is generally considered the "best" due to changes (improvement) to the differential mount location, and less smog crap.

The 74 - 78 260Z and 280Z's were larger, heavier, had more creature comforts ( more insulation/sound deadening material A/C, F/I in the later years, 5 speed trans, and 2+2 models available). The transition from Sports car to GT was happening.

The 79 - 83 280ZX's were even larger than the 280Z's, heavier still, the engine with the siamesed cylinders is a more durable design but I don't believe has much, if any, more power, except when TURBO'd (tighter smog rules kept that from happening) The suspension is considerably different and less "sports car like". IMHO, these cars are Gran Touring cars,"boulevardiers" best suited for highway and cruising around town in style.

I'm wearing my Nomex 'jammies, so let the FLAMES begin!

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Generally every manufacturer works out what didn't work, what was wrong with and what people didn't like about the model over the first couple of years of production for that model. So keeping that in mind you need to work out what car you like and buy the latest manufacturing date of that model. If, like some people, you chase VIN numbers then that theory, which has been proven over time, is thrown out the window.


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I for the most agree with bambi, but my personal preference is the 260z...upgrade on the 240 and thought the 240 was faster, the 260 was safer (thicker steel), it didn't get too GT'ed up, the smog add ons were there but didn't absolutely choke the car, and I believe that it is a nicer mix of car for the driver.

Flame as you may, the 240 is still the factory fastest, but I just like the 260 most! Not very GT at all, and safer to boot! And the 2+2 can carry a couple of gerbils in the back for you, or if you're lucky an actual person!*L*

Cheers ppl!

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Datsun/Nissan had to cahage the 240Z.

If your a "best seller", then the market dries up fast. Then you have to change the car to find what the rest of the market will buy. That's why the 79ZX was the best seller of all Z's since the sports market was oversold and they went to the next market segment. If Datsun kept the 1st Gen body into 1980 and beyond, it would have died out complely.

None are best, they are just different.

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I would say that my favorite year for the Z is 1978 and this is why:

1) I think it has more creature comforts (carpet as opposed to quilted Tijuana-look vinyl) which make for a pleasant cruise unit.

2) In the U.S. we had the five speed option by then which also makes for pleasant freeway flying.

3) I think better color choices by '78 and better quality paint as well (not necessarily better corrosion protection though) which allow us lazy owners who store the cars outside to not be faced with waxing as often.

4) Since they're newer they haven't had the chance to corrode as much as a '70. (always though it would be fun to own a 09/70 240Z so that we'd collect SSI at the same age

:classic: )

Keep in mind I chose those factors as I am more likely to drive the I-95 corridor from D.C. to ? rather than autocross the Z and as such my criteria is different. Ideally it would be nice to have the '78 for daily use and a 09/70 240Z or better yet a '71 to '73 240ZG for weekend use.

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