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I want a 240Z around L.A.....any advice?


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Hey guys! I'm kind of new here, but am considering purchasing a 240z.....I used to own a '93 TT Rx-7 but sold it a while back....reliability issues and stuff. I know the Z isn't the most reliable either but, I'll bet nothing compared to those 72 rubber hoses with the sequential set up....damn that engine bay was packed....well, anyways, I was wondering whether you guys can give me any advice (so far I know that I have to look out for rust and suspension problems) So far I'm thinking of installing ZG fenders, MSA front end and a newer dash. What are those headlight covers called? Are they still available? I'm thinking of spending around $7k plus more for paint job, body & interior work.....anyone know where I should look for one? I test drove my bosses at work and loved it. He got his through a Datsun and Z specialist on Brand Blvd. in Glendale for $3k and it was in pretty good shape....what should I expect for $7k? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm pretty much ready to purchase one. Two more questions....where can I get a set of those ZG seats and anyone here ever replace the gauges with Nordskorg digital gauges?:D

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