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ZCon 2017 retrospective

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What we're your thoughts on ZCon?

Think my experience was heavily soured by not getting my Z done on time.  Took out my frustrations at the track event with my Mercedes CL55 until the left front wheel went off into the brush. The track event was fantastic as was my instructor and his amazing Robello powered 240Z.  I got a ride along in his Z which was a extremely generous.  Did my first autocross event as well and learned a lot even though I sucked.  After that, we were left in the Circuit of America's parking lot to bake in the sun for 2 1/2 hours only to get turn 1 to turn 19 on the track and another 30 minutes in the paddock area (at least that had shade).  After that, I was literally kicked off the track since I didn't have a Z.  The group photo was only for Z's I was told.  Driving a Benz this was somewhat understandable but they also threw the Nissan GTR's and Infiniti Skylines out which was BS...  Guess we aren't part of the "group"???

Looking forward to the banquet tonight and getting the opportunity to meet fellow ClassicZCars members was a real high point.

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