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Ribbed Aluminum Rocker Panel Fins


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I recently came into a few sets of these old rocker panels that they used on the old Datsuns in the 70's and 80's. I purchased them from a company going out of business. These are original from the 70's, not reproduction. My pics will show that they are in almost perfect condition, probably still could use a good cleaning. They are approximately 3" x 6 feet. They are solid aluminum, they need to be cut to fit whatever car you have, as they were done the same way in the 70's.
Shipping on these is going to be about $50 in order to protect them properly in a PVC pipe during shipping.

Colors I have:
Solid Brite Aluminum
Solid Black
Black and Silver
Gold (kit is already cut into some pieces - Ask me for pics if interested)

I don't think these are available anywhere. $150 for a set of 2 matching pcs.

Once these are gone, I would say they are gone forever :)







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9 hours ago, markb3475 said:

Yeah those ones.

Thanks site unseen for tracking down...

Are they a flat profile, and about how thick of material?



Yes they are flat and solid aluminum, about 1/8" thick id say.
Are you using them as is or painting them black?

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