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shorted out car...HELP


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Z Friends...I really need help on this. I started the Z this morning and it quit after few minutes at idle. Tried to restart it and it would turn over but would not hit at all. It is getting gas. Car sat for a few minutes and restarted. Amp gauge bouncing all over. Stopped running after about a minute. Will not start or hit at all now. Couple days ago I accidentially touched jumper leads (new battery dead while sitting out 5 month project). Car has aftermarket electronic ignition. Have I cooked it? I'm also thinking the diodes or fuseable link may be the culpret? Any ideas would be most appreciated:stupid:

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I would check the fuse box first, if you haven't already. The fusble link is also a good choice. Did you put a new battery in after all? Check to see if you get spark at the plugs. After that you'll need the schematic to try and trace elsewhere. I know it's not much but all I have for now.

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