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  1. Hello all...I am installing seats from a 2001 Mercedes slk in my 71 Z. Six way power, and very heavy (bummer but my racing days are behind me). Will post pics soon.
  2. Back in the day, Datsun Comp was happy to sell suspensions, race cams, racing transmissions with steel syncros, limited slip rear ends, comp brakes, etc. Point being I had (and still have) such a car. It wasn't even the fastest Z in town but it would blow the doors of 911's and Vettes, even big blocks. A friend of mine once told a small block Corvette owner, "you better watch out for that yellow Z, it will outrun the word of god" It would also rip out the rear end VERY easily.
  3. It was in early '74 in Fayetteville NC when I saw the for sale sign on the yellow 71 Z. My life has been hell (kidding) ever since. Cost me one marriage when she found out I spent all our money on a new dash. Well, how would you like to drive a classic with a cracked dash??? Just came in from garage....can't get much brake pressure after rear disc conversion...should have left well enough alone. Z car hasn't left garage in three years now...and I have still spent a couple thousand on it. thirty-nine years and counting.
  4. thanks for the reply....the old tranny was one of the first from datsun comp in 1974. close ratio. I traded it for the rebuilt zx tranny. It probably was worth more but was not in very good shape and parts are impossible to find. I did the swap due to extreme noise (whine) in overdrive. It lasted a long time....did hundreds of speed shifts!!!
  5. Hello zheads....I am replacing a racing tranny I have had in my 240z for 30 years with a 1980 non turbo 5 speed. Purchased a zx clutch slave to match the tranny...also collar, etc... My question is the xz slave cylinder doesn't have adjustment. How do I adjust the pedal play??? Thanks much
  6. Hello fellow znuts....I probably should know the answer to this question as I have owned my Z car for 35 years....but brain fade (age) is getting to me! I have traded my racing tranny for a 81 280zx tranny as I am putting the car back in "quiet and comfortable" mode. Which drive shaft will I need? (The one I had went with the transmission.) Also, any any thoughts on whether I should straighten out the rear end while I have everything apart would be greatly appreciated. (I'll need the later style mount and mushtash bar...right???) regards, Sam Livengood:)
  7. Looks very nice...any problem with installation?
  8. OOPS!!! I didn't notice that you have a 280.....Sorry. However I still suggest you bridge the voltage gauge to make sure it isn't bad. Doesn't the white wire still go on to the ignition switch? I managed to put the switch in upside down in my 240 once. Took forever to find the problem. It has a slot also.
  9. I think the primary reason that the 240Z blower doesn't put out much air is the metal fan (birdcage). It is heavy. I used the entire assembly from the prelude. It has a nylon birdcage and is much lighter.
  10. Suggest you make sure the ignition switch isn't upside down. It could also be a bad amp gauge.
  11. I didn't take pics...sorry. Tried 89 civic blower first with little success as the brushes were worn. The prelude one is a perfect fit (no gasket needed) as long as you clip the nibs on the cage.
  12. Hello All... the Honda Prelude 97, 98, 99, 00, and 01 blower fits a 240Z. There are additional screw holes in the flanges that fit perfectly and I clipped off the nibs in the cage with toenail clippers. A much newer replacement part and it REALLY blows.
  13. Hello All....Does anyone know if the Motorsport A/C kit includes the switches and controls? Thanks
  14. Fellow members...Thanks for all the help on this....I finally found the problem....the Amp gauge was fried. Should have looked at it first off. Now All I have to do is put it back together again!!!
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