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BAT: 1973 Datsun 240Z


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This 1973 Datsun 240Z is a stock example that is in largely original condition thanks to spending most of its life in California and Arizona. The has some body damage and the driver’s side of the car was backed into when nearly new – the damage was never repaired. Included in the history file is the note from the person who was responsible and the repair quote from 1973. The seller is including straight replacement panels, and has gone through the car mechanically to make it roadworthy. New parts include new brake hoses and lines, new underhood hoses and belts, and all new fluids. This 63k miles 240Z is sold with a clean Wisconsin title and with some work can be brought to a higher standard.


This Z retains original equipment such as the enlarged bumper overriders and hubcaps. The passenger side of the car has some dings but is more or less straight. Per the seller the car’s previous owners owned several movie theaters in California and Arizona, and the region’s dry climate appears to have preserved the car nicely. The paint is sun-baked and has degraded on the roof.


Two damaged areas are present on the car, pictured above and below. Replacement body parts are viewable in the gallery.


Here is the damage on the right rear quarter, near where the quarter panel meets the taillight surround. There is another dent is present on the hatch. A replacement door, hatch and a replacement quarter panel section are included with the sale.


The interior appears original, down to the stock radio, steering wheel, shift knob and boot. The driver’s seat has a split seam in its original material, and a crack is present on the dash over the middle gauge on the center stack.


The cargo area is tidy, with clean black carpets and factory diamond-stitched vinyl.


With the spare tire removed, the solid spare tire well can be seen.


The engine is unmodified down to the original Hitachi carburetors and airbox. The seller has performed several services, including changing oil and brake fluids, fitted new brake lines from front to back, and replaced all of the hoses and belts under the hood. Though the aging suspension bushings are somewhat noisy and could stand repalcement, the car is said to drive down the road just fine.


The underside of the car is straight, and wears what appears to be original undercoating. No evidence of past rust repair is apparent according to the seller.


Here is note left by the person who backed into this Z in the 1973. The seller humerously notes that the body shop’s quote does not have an expiration date, and that it may be worth seeing if they still exist and will honor their $12/hour labor rate.


The seller is including rust-free replacement panels to help repair the damaged panels. A new door, rear quarter section and a replacement hatch are all included. Though drivable as-is, this Z would make a good basis for partial or full restoration.

View it on bringatrailer.com

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