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Black Primer Clear Coat Paintjob


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What would a decentlypreped black primer paint job with a clear coat look like. I don't know anything about painting except from what I have read here. But I figure a black primer with a clear coat and some shinny silver wheels might look actually kinda cool. Also I heard there is aprimer with silver already in it...ever heard of that... that might be cool also. So since flat black looks cool what would flat black with a clear coat look like?:classic:

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Flat Black + Shiny Clear Coat = Shiny Black

Flat * (color) + Shiny Clear (Transparent) Coat = Shiny * (color) with whatever tint the Clear Coat introduced.

This is the same formula that gets used when painting with Candy paints.

That is:

White Base + Candy Red (15-20 coats) = Deep BRIGHT Red.

Silver Base + Candy Red (15-20 coats) = Deep Medium Dark BRIGHT Red. (Then depending on the Metallic content of the silver)

Black Base + Candy Red (15-20 coats) = Deep DARK Red.

Last note, Candy paints are tipically Clear Coated afterwards to enhance their Gloss. That can also affect their "Depth".

Hope this helps.

Enrique Scanlon

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