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Wheel Tire Combo --TRACTION--


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I was wondering what is a moderate costing (don't want to spend over $1500) Sticky tire, slightly taller and wider 4 bolt wheel and tire combo swap.

Oh and Wheels should look good lIke a 6 -7 spoke silver or gunmetal shape.

I think stock 280Z's have a 14 x7wheel size just to slippery for the V8 conversion. I need something that will look nice every day but hook up at the track. a 16x9 probably would work.

Any input????????

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Tricky question, but if you are serious about 'track' (drag racing?) work you amy wish to consider having two sets of wheels, one for the road, one for the track.

Anyway, 15x7, or perhaps 15x8, will usually fit without modification, and allow you to use tyres with an aspect ratio of not less than 50. Less than 50 can make for a hard ride for no real advantage. Lots of things to consider - cost and availability of suitable tyres, car ride height, affect on gear ratios, speedo accuracy, wheel offset, etc.

I have no knowledge of drag racing but have found tyre sizes around 205 to 225 X 55 to 60 X 15 to be good all round for street and race circuit work on my '77 model. Any wider than around 225 will usually require body modification, at least, particularly in the front.

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hi i have ran my zed at hillclimbs closed circuit events and drags using using 15 x 7 wheels

Used yohohama A008rs tyres first 225 x 50 x 15 they are street leagl race rubber good last about 2000 km under road race use

Now using Bridgestone 540 225 x 50 x 15 they are still street legal rubber are really excellent tyres wet or dry hang on like glue

should get 3000km out of the bridgestones

My zed is used only for weekend and race use so might get a bit expensive to run on road depends on use

Cost in aussie dollars was $1060 for yohos for set

$1180 for bridgestones

Would really like to hear about your lti conversion havebeen running nissan v8 for years but ready for upgrade think the lt1 would be good instead of the turbos every one else runs

Would luv any info on conversion have got jag that runs book on convervsion for earlier 350

Regards Micheal

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