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first kill


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well i got my first kill. I have been getting crap for the last two months from my moms boyfriend. He bought a 65 ford fairlane in the winter. It has a 289 and its a automatic. He got the rust fixed and painted and just put on a new carb last night. With a little adjustments and the timing set, it actually sounded pretty good. now since i told him that i was going to by a datsun, he would not stop bugging me. he wanted to race because he was sure that he was faster. i new i would win but he would not believe me. i tried to tell him that my new car would be lighter, so there for would win. he scoffed, and said that he had a v8, and that was all he needed. so we got home from work and we were working on our cars. my mom came home and wanted to go for a spin. i thought it would be a perfect time to race. we went out to a secluded street nearby and made sure that there was no traffic. he pulls beside me....i stick my three fingers in the air...and bring them down one at a time ....he punches it and i pop the clutch. he actually got a better start than me and was a half a car ahead of me when the car stopped sliding sideways and the wheels caught some traction. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoooooommmm.

i lost him very quickly, by the end of the street he was way back.

it was very sweet. i have the faster car and a case of beer for winning. tonight i drink to the datsun 240z. :love:

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Hooray for the Z!

Funnily enough, my mate in his ford falcon stationwagon said he would kick my arse (in the 2+2)..I told him otherwise, because although he has an engine 1.5 litres bigger, doesn't mean my 5 speed and L26 would get beaten...anyway, I kicked his arse, scared the $^!# out of my when I saw blue and red ahead and found out that they were just checking a possible burglary...I was 4 lengths ahead and doing 120km!!! Scary $^!#!

Cheers ppl, love you all!!:love:

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