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So before i got my z i checked all the spots people said to check for rust, I was overjoyed that the car i wanted had great floorpans, a few bubbles on a few body parts, none around the hatch and a spot on a fender where someone put a jack in the wrong place and cracked the paint so it rusted. No biggie.

Today Im workin on my car and I see some rust under the battery and knock on it and my hand goes through! I can fix it but man, now i need a donor car :-( will that part match out of a 240 z? I have a 76 280.

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Sorry to hear your news. I am surprised no one told you to check there as that is one of the most common areas to check for first. Leaking battery acid generally starts the corrossoin off at that spot. Probable cause is an overactive voltage regulator, so check the voltage to ensure its been fixed.

It sucks but if as you said the rest of the cars isn't too bad, then thats a result in itself. :)

Good luck with the repairs. Loads of experienced good people on here who can offer good advice.

Good luck.

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