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tyre scrub


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I just bought 215/65 R14 tyres for my zed and the bloody things rub on the front guards when I turn right..but not when I turn left. I just had the front end re-bushed...could that have put the suspension geometry out of whack, causing one to rub and not the other? Are these tyres meant to be too big for a z?

I wish these places would just CHECK that everything operates as it should BEFORE they take ur money .

I can feel a fight on my hands....

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I have run 215 60 14 tyres on 7" rims on the front of mine without any rubbing.

Where does it rub? Is it on the outer edge of the guard when the wheel turns out or is it rubbing on the inside edge of the frame.

You may have to go down to a 60 series tyre.


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