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unsteady idle


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My car doesnt have a very steady idle. Somes times it will idle ok but then most of the time it idles pretty high. I jus recently found a very bad blow by hose and had it replaced. Now its idels jus fine right when i first start the car, then it jus goes up slowly. then for about the rest of the time it idles around 1300-1500rpms

I've replace the intake portion that goes after the air flow meter with a good one. Replaced the bad vacuum hoses. but it still idles very unsteadily.can some one please help me out.

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Buy some carb cleaner and with the engine running squirt some carb cleaner around the intake manifold where it mates to the head then around the vac hose couplings and so on if there is a vac leak the engine will change rpm when you shoot the leak with the cleaner. Gary:classic:

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