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A little overpriced don't you think?


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Yeah I think that you can get the oem emblem at any of the major suppliers for under fifty bucks. What seems kinda strange with this item is that all the bidders identitys are private. Makes you wonder if someone is'nt bidding against the poor schmuck just to get the price up. I guess there really is a sucker born every minute!LOL LOL LOL

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Wonder if it's the same schmuck that paid 146 for the wiper blades....:stupid:

FWIW, the hatch emblems unfortunately are getting a little more scarce, or at least there seems to be supply problems...:disappoin But not 150+ dollars scarce....:cross-eye

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Originally posted by metalman5117

I'm tempted to email the bidder this link but that would probably ruin his day:tapemouth :tapemouth


Just scroll down and you'll see the same emblem.ROFL

The only one allowed access to the winners email addy is the seller.

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