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Side Window Louvers on Page 25 of the MSA Catalog, P/N #50-1081 - $119.95 a pair. Smoked Headlight covers on Page 20 of same catalog, P/N #50-1043 - $54.95 If you tell them you are a member of our club they will give 10% discount. Also, if you tell them you were reffered from another member of this site, they might advertise and support our club.


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Thank you BambiKiller240 for the quick reply! I just got this car and what a mess, hopefully with the help from people like you I might be able to put it back together. The guy I got it from started to redo it, but then got married and she said it had to go, because he was spending more on it than he was on her. He put a ton of money into the drivetrain, Im not sure what's all done to the motor but it shakes the neighborhood when I crank it up. From what he told me it's got some kind of racing cam in it, I know it's got one hell of a lope to it. It also has triple webbers, and a dual outlet header. He also put in a 5 speed trans. I need a ton of parts to finish it, but I think it will be worth it.

Thanks again!!!

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