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voltage meter go up n down


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Hi guys, I dont know what my problem is but i was hoping you guys can tell me. my voltage meter isnt very steady and goes up and down alot. There were a few times where my car didnt even crank. when i turn the key to the on position, the voltage meter went all the way down. but then i checked my battery clamps and they were kinda lose then i tightened them and i haven had the starting problem yet.

Im not sure if that was it, but my meter is still jumping around. Could it the VR or the resenator?

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Resonation is a sound thing, I think you mean regulator. The voltage should raise when you raise the RPMs past a certain point, probably around 1000-1500 or so is good enough to test.

Is your battery dying on you after driving with lights on or ? What are the symptoms you have that you are troubleshooting the alternator in other words.

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