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Am posting this again but in different forum. Hoping to figure out if I have the wrong shroud or if I have a different radiator than came with the car. The following are my two posts and one response:

1. Trying to find a radiator shroud for a 1973 240z. I believe I may have been burned on Ebay when I purchased one that said it was for 240z. When I tried to attach it, it would only fit if I forced it against the lower radiator hose enough to partially collapse the hose. The top of the shroud also is too tight against the curved metal flange(guard?) at the top of the radiator. Purchased the car without a shroud, so I don't really know what the proper shroud would look like. There is always the possibility the PO changed the radiator(I wouldn't be able to tell if he did anyway). The shroud from Ebay is two piece, with the bottom piece being significantly smaller than the top piece. The top piece has the four mounting holes. I noticed the shroud came with mounting bolts and nuts attached, but I see that my radiator already has nuts welded on. This is about as good a description of the problem I can give. Any suggestions?

2. All the shrouds are two piece if I remember right, but by the sounds of it, you may have a shroud for a 280. The 280 radiator is a bit larger than the 240 radiator and the shroud is about an inch or so too big, both in height and width.

If you line up the mounting holes on one side, and the opposite side is past the holes, then I'd say it's a 280 shroud for sure. The 280 shrouds are a dime a dozen, the 240 shrouds are hard to find....

3. The holes are exactly the same measurement on the shroud and the radiator. The problem is interference with the lower radiator hose and the curved metal guard at top of radiator. Just will not fit unless I distort the bottom radiator hose and if I cut maybe 1/4 inch off top of shroud where it meets the curved guard. Does this still sound like a 280 shroud or do you think this may not be a 240 radiator? Don't want to buy another incorrect shroud.

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I'll admit you have me stumped on this one. The only things that can be wrong are either it is not the correct shroud, or the radiator is not a 240 radiator. It's possible the radiator is an aftermarket radiator that is not completely true to the original specs......:ermm:

Did you try to mount it in the opposite direction? If I remember right, the fan opening is offset and not in the center of the shroud... been so long since I saw a factory shroud on a 240 I can't remember, but I know they only fit one way....

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