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Door and hatch seals in aus


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You can pick many of the profiles up from your local shop (here its fitch the rubber man) now if someone can confirm my suspicion that the 2+2 hatch seal is shorter than the 2 seater, raven i have a new/near new seal you can have cheap.

Cheers Chris

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cheers guys, thanks for the help.

My 260z is finished haveing the rust cut out and painted and should be home tomorow, all i really need now is some seals and carpet. Just cant wait to get it on the road.


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Another source of this product is Rare Spares.

In Brissy try Alan Stean of Z Car Workshop: -


email [email protected]

I met Alan in Adelaide just after the Classic Adelaide Rally and he is a nice guy.

Be careful buying the product by the metre.:finger:

If at all possible provide the vendor with a sample of what you require.

That way he can match to a product a lot closer than "I want X for Y".

We have had problems with seals being just 2mm smaller and not performing when the door is shut.:mad:

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