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Henry the Kid

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Hi Everyone,

In general, do condensers go bad if they are just sitting for long periods, maybe exposed to moisture? i dont think they do. any opinions?

Specifically, ive been troubleshooting intermittant or no spark at the center coil lead. on page 74 of my trusty Haynes it tells the condenser test. now i believe they are talking about the condensers that are attached directly to the dist. (i have mechanical type dual contact breakers) i do get a spark when i separate the points but usually on the opposite point that i open.

i dont think that they are talking about the condenser that is connected to the coil (+) i dont see where they address this condenser.

Also, on pg 82 section 16 step 8 they are talking about moving points that ride on the cam arnt they?

Shes been sitting since about 1996 when i started her up fine drove her around the block and parked her. im wondering if i just have to clean all the connections well. shes been sitting outside

(i know, shame on me)



73- 240

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If she's been sitting for a long time, there are many things you should do.

I'm pretty notorious for buying new parts all the time. But, this is a good case where you will probably need new points, condensor, rotary cap, and spark plugs.

Other ideas I can come up with is a new coil and spark plugs. You never know if something is shorting out on you.

Most of this is under $150-$200 if you are doing the work yourself (for everything). But, you can do it cheaper if you skip the coil and spark plugs.


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hey thanks for the info mike. i kinda ran out of time this morning ( i was even late for work today!) so i think i will look a bit more closely at this problem. i like to buy all new parts too. especially given the age of the parts and being exposed to the elements. but i guess im just real inquisitive about exactly whats the solution. although im getting the feeling i may need to buy new stuff.....will advise.

in other news. i got the rims blasted and have the fronts painted. think ill put another coat on... i finally broke down and bought one of those remote starter switches. wow that is a great tool. i guess you could make one for cheaper than sears but ..what the heck... i tried ordering the parts CD but was unable to make any progress...hmmm.

thanks again later

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Its amazing what having clean, uncorroded contacts will do to your engine....they will let your engine start!...and run!....wow!

just cleaned all the contacts with sandpaper added some of that "bulb grease" to protect. then after putting it together, i finally got a good spark to the center terminal...cool....put the cap on and looked for a spark at #1 lead..nothing...i figured it would be another sad day at work wondering what was wrong..then i looked on the air filter, there was the rotor sitting all by itself. installed the rotor and checked #1 again, with the remote starter..and guess VROOM! i felt so excited i felt tingley all over. but wait thats not excitement..i was still holding #1 lead! i was getting shocked!...LOL..

Did notice pitted points and loose connectors..so i will replace...but its good to know that everything else works!...still

thanks mike i will try that link tonight after work.

oh yeah...with this post am i not a sissy riding member anymore?

seems like a good day for it.



CAUTION I learned the hard way, CAREFUL using the remote starter! i was lucky i didnt get hurt

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hey members...what going on everyone cruising today?

Question: is there a difference between 72 and 73 stock distributors for auto trans? the dealer gave me different condensers than were on my distributor, my local parts shop gave me the correct ones..(i think). Like i said, my dist works fine, just wondering what was the orginal and what one i have.

Not Found

The requested URL /cdthanks.htm was not found on this server.


Apache/1.3.19 Server at www.240z.org Port 80

the link worked well mike but this is the message i got after everything was said and done...i did get an email confirmation though..so i guess it works. thing is the snail mail order form link doesnt work...did you stop this?

waiting for the CD, H

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