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Original Engine Paint/Overspray look

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Does anyone have any photos of the original look of the engine once painted? Anything would help.

Trying to cover up this Ford Blue that's on the engine now. Mainly concerned about which brackets get painted, Freeze plugs, covers, overspray, etc. I may or may not try to recreate the factory overspray look, but I'm more interested in the other details. What's cad, what's not. etc. I don't really need an entire rundown, but a pictoral of someone who's done a true-to-stock engine refinishing project would be helpful.


I've discussed some parts with Al from California Datsun, but then there are some items I know are original paint on the 01/70... but he had told me they were to be bare aluminum (like the timing chain inspection plate on the front of the head... it's painted OE colour).


As far as this engine is concerned, it is safe to assume that anything that is OE colour was never repainted or refinished- as everything that was touched was either sprayed silver or ford blue- both incorrect.



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