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Finally, life can now go on!


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All, my stress level has gone down by 120%! I picked up my car yesterday after a 6 month long shop time, and it is running so good, I can't even tell you how happy I am.

In my last post I explained the problems I was having with Wheels of Fortune in Denver and ended up moving shops to Rallye Sport(Jeff Winters). Jeff had my car up and running in no time! I then took my car back to Wheels of Fortune to show the damage to my car that occured there, talked to the owner, he is going to do what ever it takes to get it taken care of. He didn't hastle me, give me grief, or anything, just accepted it and said he was sorry.

Just want to say thanks for recommending Rallye Sport and to give them props, and if anyone in COLORADO is looking for the best shop around, call Jeff Winters @ Rallye Sport (303-427-0510).

Now, to find a good body shop to mend my baby!


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Because of another thread you posted, I talked to Jeff Winter about my triple Weber problems and he was unbelievably helpful over the phone. Answered all my questions. Extremely knowledgable and friendly attitude. Rare. Thanks, Victor.

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Jeff is great guy, I think the only person I have ever trusted with any of my cars. I have never met anyone that knows as much about Datsun performance and experienced about all there is too, fortunately for me, he is only 40 minutes from home.


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