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Another Nice Looking One


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I did not take a VERY close look as it is way too far from me to be worth it since shipping would be over $600 to get it to central Texas. So no, I did not notice the damage but thank you for pointing it out; I;m sure that many others on this forum will also notice it.

For a car in CA to be worth buying for me it would have to in good shape (no rust out/through, surface rust only, running with the parts I want) and cost about $1200 which is unrealistic. Reason being is that after buying the car and shipping it here that would almost blow my entire budget leaving me no funds to make repairs/upgrades with. No big deal though, I'll just continue looking for one closer to home.

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I hope you can find a Z closer to home. I'm sure that in a state the size of Texas there have to be a few good ones left. I'll keep my eyes open here on the east coast for you. (although that's no better and than finding one on the west coast with the exception that you'll get a whole lot more rust here. Don't give up your car is out there somewhere just waiting for you to find it.

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When I purchased my Z from California, I got a lot of quotes from different shipping companies and checked their backgrounds with the BBB.

Some of the cheaper ones had very shady histories, being around $550 from the Sacramento area to Dallas. There are of course several companies that specialize in classics, such as www.horselesscarriage.com , that would be well over $1000 easily. I ended up getting it shipped with a company that had a good background with the BBB, but as it turns out, all they do is contract smaller haulers to do the work for them. I paid about $800 and ended up having damage to the front crossmember and rear frame rails from the hooks they used to lash it down.

When you have a Z in great shape shipped, I recommend just biting the bullet and getting a very reputable company that specializes in classics to haul it. It will save you a lot of stress later on. I could not file a claim with the shipping company because at the time of delivery everything looked good and I signed the release. It was not until later when I had a chance to take a look at the underside that I discovered the damage.


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If I could find a Z in that good a condition on the East Coast I would snatch it up. Appears to have dual webbers on it and while they have their faults it's certainly better than the dreaded flat top. If the reserve is somewhere around the bid that its at know I dont think you could go wrong(especially if you are close and don't have to pay to ship it.

Speaking of flat top SU's has anyone seen the carbs on e-bay that have a starting bid of 499.00. I'll look up the link and post it in a bit.

Mighty expensive for a boat anchor!!

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That white one was up last week with a starting auction of $3000 and it never got a bid. I don't live that far from the car and I've been tempted to go check her out just to see what it was really like but I haven't had the time. Looks like it might not hit the reserve price at this rate.

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Here are my thoughts on the 73 240z.

1. Its a 73 which I dont like personally because of the bumpers.

2. The seats do not have original covers

3. the vinyl covering the shock towers is not original

4. has a half dash cover so you can expect a cracked dash

5. Judging from the rust the car shows there is probably 5x-10x that much you cannot see. For a car out of Pheonix AZ I would think it has a lot more rust than usual.

6. dual weber downdrafts are known for sub-par performace.

Overall I think if you lived locally and wanted a daily driver Z it would be a good candidate for the price. I can't see the car as being a good basis for anything other than that. Then again if you lived in AZ or Southern Cali you could probably find a better Z for the same or just a little more.


EDIT: I just noticed the pictures were taken while the car was wet. Wet cars generally look a lot better than dry cars.

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