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Flywheel Bolt Size and Help!

JR Ohio

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Looks like I will need to put a helicoil in at least one of my crank/flywheel holes.

They are not out yet, so I don't know the size and thread.

I am sure there are lots of smart folks out there that can tip me off so I can order the right parts in advance. Also I will need new flywheel bolts. So any advice on buying those would be appreciated also.

Thank you for your knowledge and help!


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I'm not sure if I would want to put helicoils in my crankshaft. It might be very difficult to install them, too. Perhaps one of the truly mechanically inclined would chime in...zcars, John Mortenson, Carl Beck? Admittedly, I am not a professional mechanic. It just gives me pause.

Cheers, Mike

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Good news! The bolt was stripped! Left remnants of the bolt in the threads and the local hardware was open today (sunday) and had the proper tap! Flywheel off, threads cleaned out, replacing the rear seal and taking the flywheel to be resurfaced tomorrow!

Whew! Thanks my good friend that helped my sooo much, I am a smiling Z guy again!

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