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I am 17 and am about to buy a z. They have stuck in my mind ever since I saw them. My question to you is: What year? I have been told to get a 240 because they are so light, But what year is the best? Also, How much should I expect to pay? I live in northern Califorina But would be willing to travel a ways to get one. And any tips on what to look for? I know rust is a problem with the older cars but how much is too much? Finely I wanted to know what the regrestration and insurance prices are like generly of cource............They will be high because I am 17 but you olny live once!!!!!!!!

thanks, Steve

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BEST is defined differently by different people. 240Z's are the "lightest", they also have less horsepower than 280Z's, 280ZX's, and 300ZX's. They are (IMO) however the Original Z and only one that is a "real" Sports Car.

ANY RUST is a concern. It doesn't get better by itself. Generally significant costs are involved in properly repairing rust.

California has one of the best supplies of Z's that have minimal rust. Arizona and New Mexico are also good places to find a Z with minimal rust. You need to shop around and examine many cars with a fine toothed comb in order to find a car with minimal rust.

Costs vary considerably. You can find 240Z's from $1000 to $8,000 and more. The more rust, and other "issues" a car has the lower the value. If the price is low there WILL be a reason (or two, or three) that it is low. If you can't see the reason(s), you need to look more carefully until you find it/them. There are lots of cars out there with electrical problems, body rot (rust), poor "restoration" work, tired engines, etc. What you pay will depend on how much of that stuff you are willing to live with.

The best advice I can give you is:

Look at every 240Z you can, and examine it COMPLETELY.

Don't buy the first dozen cars that you look at. Use them to learn what to look for. Make notes and use them as a checklist for the next car(s) you look at. The more notes that you have of things to look for, the better prepared you are to buy the right car for you.

Ask lots of questions and listen to the answers given, but only believe what you can see yourself and/or can have verified by people more knowledgeable than yourself.



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:classic: :cry: the places to look is first , because you are interested in the car look under the hood. Pull the dipstick and check the oil , see if it is clean this will give y ou a clue as weather the engine has been taken care of. and the general appearence of the engine bay, while you are there take a close look by the Battery and it's support , big rust area. Then get on your knees and look under the passanger floor pan and look by the door jamb and look closely at the bottom of the front fender for little bubbels in the paint same with the area just back of the door down low. If you see bubbels in the paint that is rust coming from the back side, not good . Look inside and pull up the carpet and look at the floor for rust same behind the seat . Check the dash for cracks and the overall interior . As you go to the rear of the car look at the fenders by the wheel wills for rust. Open the hatch and look at the bottom of the hatch and the bottom jamb , rust places. duplicate the inspection along the driver's side . Rust is vary expencive to repair so find the cleanest rust car you can afford. You are MUCH BETTER off paying more for a clean car than a cheeper car with rust and or problems. Believe me. One of the reasons the rust is such a big problem is, that there is no frame and the sheet metal is structural and is the frame. Good luck:classic:

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Another thing,

listen to bambikiller240.

He is most definitely right about not buying the first cars you see.

If I were buying a Z right now, I would take a digital camera with me, and take pics of the car.

I would look for rust or anything questionable and post the pics to get advice from the more experienced people on this board.

If you are new you're going to find out there is a vast amout of knowlege from the members here. I know I did.

good luck!

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