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usually all you will need is a ground and a power source. i usually hooked mine up to body ground and a positive power sound from the fuse block to a switch.

there are other ways to do it. its not really hard at all. you could also which i have done and like is run a thermostatic switch to control the fan,(approxiamately 18.00) so you dont forget to turn it off:stupid: like i have also done.

there isnt that much in the way of wiring or a mess and it doesnt make your engine bay look bad. i had a larger battery but thats me because i like the extra power in my battery.

i dont think it would be a problem with the battery you have.

the alternator and everything else was stock.

it will free up a few ponies and take away the jet engine sound though you wont feel a power gain. i would also get a puller fan and not a pusher fan.

good luck and dont worry its not that hard of a thing to do.

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There is a school of thought that the twin carb cars, i.e. 240, 260, 280 and the Fairlady sports cars, require a constant breeze to prevent vapour lock in the fuel system.:angry:

Although the thermo fan will adequately and correctly cool the engine, it will not provide that "constant breeze" to the fuel system.:ermm:

Just some food for thought.

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