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Ballast resistor?


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Can anyone help no to find the ballast resistor on my 77 240k, I think I found it on the wiring diagram but not on the car.

Apparently there is a wire that acts as the ballast resistor.

See aarc240's post about half way down this page:


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Found the resistor wire I was looking for. It runs back from the +ve connector on the coil along side the black/red wire and splices into the black/white wire up behind the lh headlight. Black/red must be the start power supply (12v) and the black/white wire supplys ign on power(low voltage) through the ballast resistor wire. I had trouble reving past 3500rpm after installing the pertronix ign. I simply took power from the black/whiote wire closer to the round connector near the coil and hey presto no rev problems and no tacho issues. thanks mr camouflage for the help.

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forgot thankyou
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