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This Z sat on a used car lot in the city of Buellton, on the California Central Coast, for the better part of eight months. If I recall, the asking price then was $7995.00. When I saw the Santa Inez Valley license plate frame, the light came on!

I remember going to see the car one Sunday, so I wouldn’t have to worry about being pounced on by a salesman. The car looked pretty good, but I could see the first signs of rust on one of the lower rear quarter panels. I wonder if that has been repaired. I came close to returning on Monday to make them an offer, but I could bring myself to accepting the color. And this is coming from a guy that bought an orange 240.

Anyway, interesting to see the car took a road trip from California to “No Rust State” Arizona in the search of a new owner…small Z world. :classic:

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Yup. I looked at it too. Right next door to the gas station by the 101. Still have the guy's card from Tri-county. Steve somethingor other. I didn't think the job was all that well thought out. But then again, "completely restored" is pretty subjective. I don't want to see completely restored 240's with funky shift knobs and clamp-on pedals. There were several other issues also, not to mention the rust that was visible. I just felt it was a bit overpriced. But then, I never went and offered him $5000, so we will never know.

DatZguy, have you always been in Lompoc? I seem to recall your signature showing some other city in CA. Have we met? are you at V? Do you know about CCZCC? We have a ton of members at V. If you are not on our e-mail list, go to the site and join or send me an e-mail.

steve (director, Central Coast Z Car Club)

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The big chartreuse machine just sold on Ebay for a cool $10,700. Not too shabby.

Yep, I’ve been living large in Lompoc for almost 10 years now. During the week I work in Santa Barbara for a software company, and I’m also a reservist at Vandenberg. Mar2c, I think you work at the schoolhouse. Don’t you?

The reason you haven’t seen me around town is that I’ve been keeping the miles down on my Z just driving her around the block every other week or so. Another reason for the short jaunts is the fact that the car has the original wheels and tires back on it, which I really wouldn’t trust going too far on. The odometer is currently showing 41,552 original miles. I bought the car in Kansas last July and had it trucked back to California. I bought the car mainly because of the low miles, original owner, lack of rust, perfect dash and the final good omen…the clock is still working after 31 years! The original owner, Edwin, bought the car for his wife, Donna, on Mother’s Day 1972. It was really great meeting the both of them. They took really good care of the car, but the rest of the world wasn’t so kind. She has her fair share of door dings and other battle scars from encounters with irresponsible owner’s vehicles.

I made a pact to myself to restore the vehicle to an original looking condition with only a few exceptions before the odometer hits 50,000. KYB shocks, lower springs, urethane bushings and 15 inch Superlites with charcoal centers will be the major modification I plan. I may also install the BRE front spoiler that came with the car, but the original owner never mounted. So far the bumpers are off the car getting re-chromed down in LA. Last weekend, I took the AC out of the car since all the R-12 was gone anyway. As you can attest, you really don’t need AC on the Central Coast. I’m had someone stop by the house last Sunday to steam clean the engine and undercarriage so I can commence with the rest of the restoration. That’s if the war with Iraq changes my military status and pocket book. Chris, the guy that painted CCZCC member Mark’s 1970 red 240, has agreed to do the paint and bodywork later in the year. From what I’ve seen so far, he does fantastic work.

I will most likely join the club once the car has been completed. My goal is to have the car finished and back on the road in time for the MSA show in May 2005.

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Hey! I hope you guys come see us Downtown Solvang for our Roadster Show Saturday, The same weekend as the Motorsports Auto Show (April 27th?) . I intend to drive up to Solvang (Motel 6 in Beulton) on Friday, Show on Saterday, Drive home, catch a little sleep, Drive to Orange for the Motorsports show on Sunday. Wow! What a weekend.

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>>>>I will most likely join the club once the car has been completed<<<<

Now that's a bad idea. Especially since the club is basically a Central Coast Z registry than a 'club'. Send me your e-mail address and I will put you ont he list. you will get 2 or 3 e-mails a month from me with updates and schedules. That's it!. Then you will be up-to-date.

Victor, there most likely won't be to many of the CCZCC people at the Solvang Roadster thing. Several who are attending are attending for the entire weekend. I am thinking about stopping by on my way south Saturday.


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The Limey 240 is now in Petaluma, Ca!

I bought her from the eBay winner before she shipped from Az. The color is loud and so is the car. I haven't seen one this color for years... maybe there's a reason, but my wife and I really love the car AND the color.

I'm a picky so&so, but I still say this car is a 9 out of 10. She needs only a few things... all in all I am very pleased with her.

I waited 28 years to buy one of these brats, so get out of my way. I'm gonna play with it :classic:

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