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1973 240z


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I have a 1973 240z i bought with the intention of restoring...but I have run into some financial issues that are going to keep me from doing anything with it. The car is currently in primer, with no rust except for one spot behind the drivers door. There is no rust on the frame rails or around the battery tray. Its currently not really running..i can start it, but it backfires/sputters a lot. It has a clifford manifold and a 650 holley carburator on it right now (can anybody say OVERCARBURATED????) and a header. I have a set of DGV webers mounted on n33 manifolds for the car as well. When i bought it there was a spare block/head in the back of the car, and i still have that.....I dont know if anybody would be interested in the car, but im hopin so as i dont want to see it taken to the junkyard. I'm in the albuquerque area, and I'd let the whole thing go for $500 if anybody is interested.

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The tranny is the original, as is the rear end...i was told the rear end got a new differential in it lately though. (don't know numbers for the tranny, but the rear end should be a 180). The heads are both e88...the blocks are both from 240's i was told so I'd assume L24 (unless theres another number i should be looking for..not real familiar with these so let me know and ill look)

I was also told that the head/block in the back were the original ones for the car and the engine currently in it came from another 240 (year unknown). As far as pics, i'm trying to get access to a digital camera now, should have pics to post in a couple of hours.

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ok, I took some pictures..problem is that im apparently too dumb to get them into this message....heh. I can email them to you if you are interested..or if someone could explain to me how to get them into this message.....use small words though, sigh.

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