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Oil Cooler Wrap

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I have searched extensively and found nothing other than the picture above.. I'm thinking about adding a 13 row 235mm oil cooler for those hard driving days - and the days not producing higher RPM keep things under a leather wrap. I would also put in a 200 degree thermo with the sandwich unit.

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Search trick:

1. go to translate.google.com

2. convert english to japanese


3. copy and paste the japanese characters into the search


You have to remember that 240Z is usually referred to as S30 in japan... some terms are not used or translate directly so a bit of experimentation is needed

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Engine oil coolers were available from Datsun in the sports options and competition catalog. 21300-E4100. They require a special fitting for the hoses at the oil filter. BRE / Interpart also offered an oil cooler 1162050 with their own version of the fitting. It was manufactured by Stewart Warner. I don't see an engine oil cooler listed in the 1970 PS30SB Sports Option catalog however it does appear in the 1976 RS30 and HS30 Sports Option catalog as part number 21305-A0221. The special oil filter bracket is 15238-22000. There is also a cooler for the HS30, PS30, and PS30SB (21305-E4220) that looks like this one. This topic has been discussed - use the search function.

I don't recall anyone finding or making the leather cover. I would imagine the drawing is fairly accurate and you could have one made. The question, of course, would be what color to make it. Black or tan. Try searching for part number 21338-25510.


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Nice translation tip. Been thinking how to cover the oil cooler for winter, had no idea the covers exist/existed.

My MSA cooler has a bi-metal strip that supposedly cuts off the flow until the oil is hot, but the cooler still feels warm on cold days when the gauge shows the motor hasn't warmed up. Planned to wire some foil-backed insulator pad over it. Don't like how it would look but will do it anyway for winter.

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