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Coil spring perch distance question

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Ok -- I have sectioned my struts, welded them back together (1.5" shorter than before!) and I am all set to weld on my coil over spring collar perch on to the tube, only I am not sure what I should set the distance to. 2Many, you mentioned that the GC distance *(note: I lost that sheet) was not where I wanted it for the 280.

My threaded sleeves are 4" long. Where should I weld on the perch?


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I can't find the papers I had from GC about measurement for the perch.... I guess I could get out in the garage in the next day or so and measure the ones on the 240... You gonna make me shovel more snow to get to the door of the garage?:angry:

If no one else can give it to you, I'll go measure it Friday and get back to you, tomorrow is gonna be a busy one...:ermm:

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no real hurry, not like I am trying to make the spring school -- I am shooting for the fall. :)

Heck -- I dont even have springs to put on them yet, I still have 2 more struts to section.

Hey -- I got the GR2s, and the gland nuts are too small. Perhaps me ordered the wrong parts? I am hoping its just a part of shortening your struts... I also noticed a bit more play than the originals had....

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Sometimes being a pack-rat has its advantages and you find the papers that you needed... :)

OK so GC says for the spring perch:

(Use 12" springs)

8" Rear and 5" front between the top of the spindle base and the base of the spring perch. I am using 10" springs and a shortened strut so I am following the 240 instructions at 7" rear and 5" fronts...

They are adjustable after all, so I should still be able to move the collars if I need more clearance...

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If the directions call for a 12 inch spring and 8 in the front and 5 in the rear and you are going to use a 10 inch spring? I think you ought to go 8 in front and 5 in the rear to be sure you will have to use up most of your adjustment to get the car up to where it needs to be.... You might end up having the perch to low for a 10 inch spring at 7.....

I'll get out in the garage and double check the perches on the 240 tomorrow after a little more of the snowbank melts down...

Why didn't you think to get the measurement when you were here???:stupid:

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