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350z launch Perth WA.

Mr Camouflage

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I went to the 350z launch at Northside Nissan last night.

They had a silver and a gold one. Damn they're small. And those door handles just have to go.

They showed some videos, all of which i'd seen before on the internet. Funny how they dropped the X off the 280 and 300ZX.

A friend of mine was annoyed that there was no mention of the z31 (she owns one) the skipped straight to the z32 after the 280zx on the website intro they showed. (www.350z.com.au - Dont bother, just the intro then contact details of N.S. nissan and no info about the car itself, but you can book a test drive).

I also noticed the new nissan ad thats been running on TV which shows a silver 280zx 2 seater doing donuts, had been replaced with a blue Z32 doing donuts for the launch. Presumably because we didn't get 280zx 2 seaters.

The presenter (I forget who he was, but i've seen him on TV) made some remarks about girls not knowing about cars, which seemed to offend most of the females there. I overheard a woman complaining about the comments he made (about his wife not knowing what twin cams meant) to the guy she was with, and my friend wasn't too impressed either.

But Free Beer and food, so I cant complain.

A friend of mine just had to park his Toyota Supra Mk4 Twin Turbo at the front door so everyone could look at his paint. It changes from gold to green to purle, depending on the angle you look at it, so its never one colour.

Pity my 240z is in peices. I could have parked it out the front so everyone can see what a real Z car looks like.

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Yeah, did you get to see the Prague video??? That stuff was great...

I noticed up here also that they missed hte Z31 altogether, and I dont think they mentioned the word "Datsun" once...

I parked my Z out the front next to the test-drive 350Z's for a little while - some people noticed and had a look but most didn't pay any attention.

I've gotta say though, the 350Z (without the fridge door handles) is kinda attractive as a modern car...

The ad on TV is great, I love watching the split second of REAL Z showing, trying to see as much as possible... I dislike the whole SHIFT_yourarse advertising campaign though. It's a bit ... geeky.

I'd do a much better job if I was in charge of Nissan, but then I guess most of us here would !!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by halz

Can't knock the free beer..! Did you manage to sell the commodore?

Yep sold it 3 days before the rego was due, so saved myself some cash by getting rid of it. Only got $500 for it though, but all up it only cost me $350 and i got to drive it around for 4 months and only had to pay for petrol.

I just bought my brothers old car to get around in. It a very rusty 82 honda. Might fix the rust and sell it, and spend the money on my zed.

Anybody notice the 240K coupe for $500 in thursdays Quokka.

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