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>240 race car in Melbourne

That Ozzy Guy

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Originally posted by sjcurtis

was I reading it right two cars in that price.

Looks like it to me Steve.

"Race car, L28 engine, triple Webers, Half cage, 4 point harness, adjustable suspension, 8 x 15 mags, second car needs total restoration, heaps of spares including guards, doors, engine, gearbox etc. L283947281. Ph 0421 699 553 Woori Yallock Vic. $6,500"

second car needs total restoration = you are doing me a favour by taking it away.

Still worth a look for anyone near Melbourne though.

What's that white square on the bonnet for?

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Hmmm might go have a look at the parts car. I wonder what year I'd probably say 72, or 73. Can't see a vented hatch :( It's always a good idea to have spares just don't have much on me in the way of cash at the moment. always the case when these bargains come up.

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THe pair of them advertised in the trading post, while not nice, they are very nasty. FOr about 2500, you could have yourself a 240Z shell (rough) with a twin turbo quad cam V6 motor, 4 wheel disc brakes and lots of other goodies. (SA trading post)

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